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The Level 1 Model Building training program with practical examples and analysis of actual modeling questions will make your work at Anaplan conscious and comfortable.


  • Understanding and using the concept of DISCO (Data, Input, System, Calculation, and Output) when planning the model schematic and creating modules.

  • Building of the model in Anaplan - creation of lists and organization of hierarchies, construction of modules.

  • How to Create Data Import Processes into a Model.

  • Creating formulas using the basic functions of Anaplan.

  • Creation of dashboards for different categories of users consisting of lists, modules and graphs.

  • Configure role scripts to access model data.


  • Introduction to the Anaplan system.

  • Model Building Preparation.

  • System dimensions - Time and Versions.

  • Users

  • How to build a module.

  • What are system modules and what are they used for.

  • Importing data into modules.

  • Building models, formulas and relationships between modules.

  • Revenue Planning and Margin Calculation.

  • Price planning.

  • Cost planning.

  • P&L.

  • Creating dashboards.

  • Access rights differentiation – role configuration.

  • L1 Certificate Exam.

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Anaplan Platform Certification PAth.png

The "Level 1 Model building" course is the first step of a new training and certification program Anaplan. This course and the certification program are aimed at obtaining practical modeling skills. Each level of training is a logical continuation of the previous level. Participants are trained not only to build individual models, but also to work in the Connected Planning concept.

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Certified Anaplan trainer in Russia. Experience with the platform for more than 7 years,including the development and modeling of multifunctional solutions. Successfully implemented projects in the field of  Finance, Demand planning, Supply chain, Cost of sales, Workforce planning, IFRS transformation


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Master Anaplanner. Experience in the creation and development of the international competence center Anaplan. More than 7 years of experience in integrated solutions architecture and modeling. Deep understanding of tasks in the field of financial planning, demand forecasting, S&OP and other areas of business planning.


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