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  • 2 500+ points of sale.

  • Circulation of Excel files and high costs of reconciliation and consolidation of data.

  • The difficulty of comparing views on the plans and dynamics of the company's development.

  • The need to manage and balance more than 20 KPIs, including indicators of turnover, margins, profits, shares of business lines and the average check.

  • A multiple increase in labor costs in case of need for rescheduling.


  1. A unified environment for interaction of retail representatives with controllers based on unified reference books and versioning has been created.

  2. Automatic integration with the sales database and implementation of a quality control system for input information.

  3. Detailed analysis and management of the seasonality factor, taking into account statistical methods and expert opinion.

  4. Calculation of several statistical forecast options and automatic selection of the best baseline scenario.

  5. Top-down and bottom-up planning at all levels of the regional structure with online recalculation of the overall business model.

  6. Formation of an expanded set of metrics at all levels of the regional structure.

  7. A mechanism for comparing plans with targets and sales history with possible adjustments online.


  • Formation of a balanced sales plan corresponding to the company's goals

  • Acceleration of planning processes and adjustments of plans in a rapidly changing environment

  • Qualitative improvements in sales planning processes

  • Decision-making with advanced scenario analysis and version matching capabilities


Planning of Key Sales Indicators
in the omnichannel retail

«Citilink» - one of the largest chains of electronics and household appliances stores, is a part of CG Merlion. On the market since 2008.  In the infrastructure of the company there are online store -, and more than 650 stores and delivery points in 360 cities of Russia.


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