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  • Uploading reports from various data stores for several hours.

  • Opaque logic of calculations of most indicators.

  • The difficulty of comparing views on the plans and dynamics of the development of the network

  • Multiple increase in labor costs in case of need for rescheduling​


  1. Building a model that allows data to be compiled and recalculated in an online format.

  2. The logic of allocations and recalculations became available to every user and could be changed without the need to dive into the mechanics of the model.

  3. Fast generation of reports in new logics required by both HQ and business units.

  4. Detailing the data down to the material made it possible to increase the accuracy of the forecast and monitor the implementation of budgets at all levels.


  • Saving time when forming budgets up to 60%.

  • Identification of low-margin products and optimization of the structure of marketing activities in some areas.

  • Qualitative improvements in financial planning processes.


Financial planning
Case in Pharma

STADA Arzneimittel AG is an international group of companies, one of the world leaders among manufacturers of generic analogues of innovative medicines. STADA products are represented in more than 130 countries. The concern includes 19 production sites around the world, including Russian factories.


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